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Asia’s Recruitment Market Mounting Rapid Recovery

The White-collar Recruitment Market in Asia: April to June 2021

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Tokyo: July 27, 2021
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. (Takeshi Matsuzono, Managing Director) provides recruitment services across 11 countries worldwide and serves as the largest recruitment consultancy in Southeast Asia*1. JAC Recruitment has prepared this summary of trends in the white-collar recruitment markets of respective Asian nations for the second quarter of 2021, encompassing the three months April through June.
(*1 According to internal research of JAC Recruitment based on comparisons of sales generated by peer companies that engage in recruitment services throughout Asia.)

2021Q2 English

The recruitment market is mounting a rapid recovery across Asia amid pent-up demand in wake of restrained hiring due to COVID-19.
In India, the number of job listings has decreased slightly relative to the previous quarter amid a second wave of COVID-19 that hit the nation during the second quarter.
The job market outlook for the second half of the year in respective Asian nations remains uncertain given that the pandemic shows no signs of subsiding.

アジア各国のホワイトカラー人材紹介市場の動向 2021年4月~6月

世界11ヵ国で人材紹介事業を展開し、東南アジアでは最大級の規模(※1)を誇る株式会社ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント(代表取締役社長:松園 健)は、この度、2021年第2四半期のアジア各国のホワイトカラー人材紹介市場の動向を纏めましたので、お知らせいたします。 
(※1) 自社調べ (アジアで人材紹介事業を展開する同業他社の売上規模を比較)
2021Q2 Japanese